Mugabe and the Marino Aylward Clan Go

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We managed to escape Zimbabwe on the day Mugabe was placed under house arrest which would have been great in and of itself except that we came back to research where we had been and it was indeed a high risk malaria zone for which we had NO PILLS.  Now I am pretty sure we all have malaria but what can you do?  When in Africa …
Other than that small detail which we are trying to resolve – oh wait – we can’t resolve it because the symptoms don’t present themselves for a minimum of a week but it could be as much as a few years – yeah, a few fucking years — so – where was I ? Oh yeah, NO resolution because we can’t test to see if we have the parasite in our blood until the symptoms present themselves but the deal is that we have to test for it the second the symptoms show up because the kind of malaria in this area (the one we recklessly went to, and took our children to without any shots or pills, because we were relishing the idea that we were awesome parents for remembering to bring their long form birth certificates.   Long form birth certificates? Why is that important you ask?  Oh, just because the child trafficking in this neck of the woods is SO HIGH that its required at EVERY border crossing – that and the fact that little children body parts make for good witch doctor potions – but apart from that – we definitely ROCK as parents. And where was I? Oh yeah, so for the next few years, every time someone has: a headache, a body ache, a runny freaking nose, whatever — we have to get tested for cerebral malaria – a fast killer.  I promise you, Sean and I were celebrating the fact that we remembered the birth certificates and had enough US dollars on us to pay for VISA’s at the border crossing.  Why just barely enough?  We thought it would be cool to buy a thirty trillion dollar Zimbabwean note because that was funny.
Honestly, this shit is too much – I can’t even keep up in my blog.  It’s every day.
I love it here.
More later.  Lots more.

Author: Sara

General rager, liar's revisionist auto biographer, nature faker, sonic animal assumption breaker

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