She’s Over It

And why the fuck shouldn’t she be? Predator is BACK. Predator Post. Hello. HELLo.


P: And why the fuck shouldn’t she be?

S: It was a rough start at school but it’s true.  I’m over it.

P: The weather is better except that the houses are not insulated so it’s cold enough to freeze the balls off a brass monkey in the mornings.  Getting warmer every day…

The food is better.  In general it just is.  The breads – she gets a fresh loaf every morning.  It could be rye sourdough, or Farmer’s white, a seed loaf or a baguette. Hot out of the oven at 7am.  Even the bagged iceberg lettuce from Woolworth is better.  It looks better: no wilted brownish edges; it is crispier and it lasts longer.  And now that She has discovered Saturday markets – oh my Lord.   She finally got the shi shi mushrooms – the porcini, from the Mushroom Man.   The Seaweed Burrito Boy gave her a list of where to buy the freshest fish; Fish From Africa in Hout Bay, the best groceries at SPAR in the Cape Quarter.  I thought he was sending her to a SPA.  I thought, well that’s  bold.

The dried out stringy rotten flesh from dead animals that hangs around all over the place – they call it biltong – is probably better than a pepperoni nitrate stick but I’m a Vegetarian Predator.   Wrap your head around that one and get back to me if you must.  Not going to try it.

The beer is not better.  She tried —  a Bees Beer? South African shandy type something that was a craft lager, with fynbos honey, lime and soda.   It was delish.

The artisanal mandarin gin — delish.

Now, for those of you that know her well,  this next one is going to be hard to swallow but it’s true – her house -at least the view, is better.

Here is the view from the toilet this morning.

Yep. Not an outhouse. No filters.

Moving on.

Author: Sara

General rager, liar's revisionist auto biographer, nature faker, sonic animal assumption breaker

6 thoughts on “She’s Over It”

  1. I’ve been loving reading about all your adventures, Sara. This little housekeeping one was really fun – so everyday mom-ish. The view is breathtaking. What a way to begin/end the day. Hope the kids are off to a good (early) start to their school year. Linda


  2. Amazing how liberating…a shift in perspective makes, eh😉😍

    Everyday…being blessed with such majestic views of Mother Nature certainly helps…😎


  3. Hey Sara, Sean, Oscar, Leo, and Coco… Reading everything and gobbling up your wild stories of the complexities of life in South Africa. Amazing. Thanks for these postings, Sara. All of them.


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